Amazon Fire Stick

Please click the link below to get yourself this awesome tool! The Fire Stick lets you do so much, including streaming music, tv shows and movies. You Can also go to your favorite websites. You must have Amazon Prime and wifi, so keep that in mind. I guarantee you’ll love it! We do!

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Advertisements Is The Best! (Amazon Fire Tablet)


I’ve started working with Amazon, because, anyone who knows me, knows I’m addicted to buying everything, from them!

One item in particular, is the Amazon Fire Tablet. My kids and husband own one, and they absolutely love them! You can play games, download books and music, go to your favorite websites and almost anything else you can think of. Please check them out, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and awesome tablet!

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My Boy; The Curious One

Photo_1499991132894.pngThis boy absolutely LOVES to learn! He is always asking questions, and if Dad and I don’t know the answers, he looks them up. 

In this picture, you see him with a Leap Start globe we got second hand. He loves looking up different countries, etc! He saw something on an episode of Super Why, we are watching, and ran to get it, and looked what they were talking about, up.

I love his curiosity to learn! I hope it never leaves him.

The Angels Who Saved Her

I will admit, I am totally not a fan of Mercy of North Iowa. Ever since I had my first child, over 14 years ago there, I was rubbed the wrong way. The nurses were rude, and practically told me to shut up, as I was dehydrated, crying from throwing up and them trying to get an IV in. Obviously, it hurt, being poked a million times. I was dehydrated!!! The funny thing was, I had three more babies there! I guess I felt I didn’t have much of a choice. Glad I looked into other options for my 5th, 6th and 7th!

When my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 2013, we begged her to go anywhere but Mercy of North Iowa. But, that is where she wanted to go. I knew it didn’t matter where she went. She was in God’s hands no matter what.

I made sure to go to every one of her radiation appointments. She had a big support sysyem, between my mom, aunt and me. We would sometimes make it a girls day, depending on how she felt after.

I cannot believe I forgot to mention her surgery to remove her breast! It was a success, followed by her radiation therapy. 

Mercy of North Iowa had saved my grandma! I cannot thank them enough! I truly don’t know what I would do without God, Mercy or her! They were, and still are, wonderful, with her.

The moral of this story – just because you have a bad experience with one thing, doesn’t mean another experience will be bad. It could be life saving! Really makes you think, huh?

My baby boy has been a really good sleeper since about 9 weeks. Later than some, but I’m not complaining. Not to mention, he had a traumatic hospital stay, a couple days before he turned 9 weeks, for almost a week. We, then, found out that he preferred to be in a swaddled, which has become a life changer in the sleep department!

When he came home, we continued with our normal routine – bath, lotion massage, jammies, swaddle and nursing to sleep. After he was asleep, I’d transfer him into the RnP. I’ve used them since my 5 year old was a baby. I liked the incline, especially for my babies that had reflux! Plus, my babies slept great in them!

A couple weeks ago, I started hearing tragic stories of babies that have passed away in them, from positional asphyxiation. I couldn’t believe it! Another unsafe place for baby to sleep. And, he was doing SO WELL with it! But, I couldn’t risk my child’s life over a good night’s sleep! Even if it was just him that was sleeping well. Mama was up checking on him all night! 

So, I prepared myself for a horrible transition. He hadn’t ever slept on a flat surface, so he was used to incline. I figured we would be up several times, and I would possibly cave, and put him back in the RnP. I didn’t want to cave, but certain circumstances call for desperate measures! 

The night came. I gave myself a pep talk. I could do this! We would be OK. I was trying to be optimistic, but deep down, I was nervous. Not only for the transition, but him sleeping in the bassinet, in general. We did our normal routine, he fell asleep nursing, like usual, and I transferred him to the bassinet, next to the RnP. As I finished lying him down, I stood over him, waiting for him to start fussing. He didn’t. He continued to sleep peacefully, and did so for over 6 hours!!! Mom win! I was nervous for nothing!

It’s been wonderful not worrying as much about where he’s sleeping! His well-being is #1. I’d die if anything ever happened to him! And, I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing ever does.